Your New Work Year Starts Now

It’s back to school season.  I used to love this time of year!  In fact, still do.  Although past my school years, I’ve always believed THIS time of the year was the new year.  This is when you started over and became the “new” you.  See, back to school wasn’t about waking up on January 1st a new person or countless, impossible resolutions.  No, this time of year was about putting your best foot forward and making a difference – this time.  You’d had your summer, learning (more life lessons I’m guessing) and refreshing, and then it was back to friends you’d hadn’t seen in a while, a new hairdo, and your grades were yet unmarred.

So what does all of this have to do with now?  As an adult?  It means this can be your new year too.  Hear me out.IMG_0822








Go back to school shopping
Grab some filing folders, new pens, and one of those organizers to put your paper clips and sticky notes.  Get rid of your paper-pile filing system for once.  Do this for both the office and home.  With kids returning to their own schedules and the holidays fast approaching, it’s worth it to get organized now.

Ride a different bus
Take a new route to work (check the traffic first), walk down the street at lunch, meet a new coworker or client.  Do something different!  A new school year meant a new routine, which lends an element of excitement.  The more consistently or dramatically you change your routine, the better.

Write your own syllabus
If you’ve gotten comfortable in your job, chances are there’s room for improvement.  Are there things you could put a little more effort into?  Start each morning writing down your goals for that day and promise to give your best in accomplishing them.  If you always give your best, you can never look back and regret that you didn’t try harder.

Get a new outfit
Again, shopping.  But it can even be in your closet.  The goal is to put together a new outfit or two that you feel good in.  Try wearing a different watch, wearing your hair a different way, or alternate where you put each color of eye shadow.  The most important element of back to school was your first day’s outfit.  Why?  Because this was the new you and this was your year.