Secrets of the Leadership Industry

Working in a leadership consulting firm has been a great way to learn about how corporations and employees operate.  I’ve learned a lot about time management, leadership development, working with different personalities, etc.  As many tools and experts that leadership companies have, there are still some struggles that no company is immune to.

We get growing pains too
Any growing company is going to have some pains.  Whether it’s staffing, workflow management, or adjusting to new clients, each pain has its own set of challenges.  Being a leadership firm, we are well-equipped with organizational development processes, but at times we have pressed forward with little time to reflect.  As a firm we had to first see the forest and then see trees:  listen, assess, and then act.  This is what leaders do.


We aren’t perfect at time management
Leadership consultants travel a lot, coach individuals, and facilitate workshops, all while designing new material and staying up to date on current events.  This means sometimes they too get overwhelmed, overbooked, and overworked.   As an assistant, I’ve been instructed to move appointments, block time on their calendar, and check with them before scheduling further appointments.  My boss taking back control, prioritizing her time and energy when things have run away from her.

Work-Life balance is still a challenge
Like I mentioned before, leadership (and consultants in general) consultants are BUSY.  They too struggle with running a successful business (may consultants are self-employed and/or contractual) and finding time for themselves and their families.  Much of time the facilitators I work with will answer emails at all times of the day.  I think everyone falls into this habit at some point; I believe it’s simply caring about your job and what you’re responsible for.  I have seen the same facilitators turn on the auto-reply and totally unplug for vacation.  Everyone has boundaries.

No matter the industry, there are times when we aren’t always on our A-game.  No one is perfect; we all get it wrong sometimes.  They key is to keep learning and growing to perform your best.


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